The Initiative: One Million New Trees

  • One million new trees in the City of Los Angeles will create an extraordinary environmental legacy that will serve as a watershed for other environmental changes.

  • The City of Los Angeles will be transformed to a green, sustainable city.

It is a Community Effort

Many of the one million new trees will be planted by City departments on public property. Others will be planted throughout the City by individual volunteers, community groups, organizations, and businesses.

Million Trees LA is a cooperative effort between the City of Los Angeles, community groups, businesses, and individuals working together to plant and provide long-term stewardship of one million trees planted where they’re needed most.

Million Trees LA will take several years and build on other programs that plant and care for the urban forest.

Trees that maximize sustainability – with a preference on native and drought tolerant species – are recommended.

We’re working with the USDA Forest Service, PSW Research Station, Center for Urban Forest Research, Davis, CA to prepare a science-based tree canopy analysis to identify priority areas using satellite imagery and recommend the right kinds of trees that will give the greatest ecological and societal benefits.

Special attention will be given to schools, under-served communities, and those areas along the Los Angeles River.

We’re forming Public-Private Partnerships to plant large numbers of trees and to help fund Million Trees LA.

We need the people living and working in this great city to volunteer to plant and care for trees on their private property. Everyone can help!

Watch the Tree Count posted on this website! Make sure the tree(s) you plant get counted towards one million trees in Los Angeles.