Our Implementation Advisory Group

An Implementation Advisory Group has been formed to provide the guidance and policy planning necessary to implement the program and create the institutional changes necessary to support the newly created urban forest. The Implementation Advisory Group consists of the following subcommittees:

  • Finance. Develop overall business plan for the million tree initiative; develop and implement the budget policy, protocols, and procedures; develop grant management capabilities for the initiative; develop FMIS work orders for City staff working on tree planting activities; and develop performance measurements and workload indicators for the initiative

  • Interdepartmental Coordination. Work closely with all subcommittees to develop tree counting mechanism and reporting tools, identify existing resources/develop other resources within the City, and develop strategies to ensure that all million trees initiative participants are working together synergistically

  • Nature Services. Develop, implement, and enhance reporting tools to measure the success of the urban forest and work collaboratively with City departments and franchisees to develop long-term strategies to sustain the urban forest

  • Ordinances and Policy Changes. Identify methods of change through City ordinances and policies that will develop strategies to enhance the revenue streams for the million trees initiative. Also identify and resolve conflicting policies related to the maintenance of the urban forest

  • Outreach. Identify key leaders and stakeholder groups, developing and implementing strategies that will gain guidance and buy-in for the planning process, prevent alienation and disaffection, and recruit organizations to support the ongoing activities of the million tree initiative

  • Planting and Procurement. Identify, develop, and implement planting and procurement policies which include tree selection (including historical, social, and cultural considerations), species, available planting spaces for each tree identified, size at time of planting, and planting schedules

  • Work Force. Identify existing resources in the City and region for economic and workforce development as well as organizations relating to the green industries and develop and implement strategies to leverage the million tree initiative’s influence to influence local labor markets and create jobs.